The Magic of Concealer

When looking for even-toned, flawless coverage, the right concealer can feel like a magic wand that can cancel out discoloration and glide over uneven texture. This blog post will show you how to ace your concealer application so that you can achieve the complexion of your dreams. Read on to learn all about concealer!

Choose The Right Concealer

One of the essential steps in achieving the perfect concealer application is choosing the right concealer for your skin color. A great way to make it easier is to use a color theory to guide your selection. Choose colors that will cancel the dark undertones under your eyes. If you have a pink undertone, look for a concealer with yellow undertones to eliminate the redness.

Apply Moisturizer & Foundation First

Before applying your concealer, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve already used a layer of moisturizer and foundation. This step will help create a smooth canvas for your concealer and help it stay in place all day long. Apply your usual moisturizer and foundation routine and allow it to set for a few minutes.

Best Way To Apply Concealer…

  • To Hide Dark Circles & Undereye Discoloration

The first step to flawless under-eye concealer is finding the right shade. Grab a concealer that has a radiant or luminizing formula to fight back the darkness. Draw an inverted triangle to highlight the front area and blend it out with a damp beauty sponge for seamless coverage.
  • To Cover Up Blemishes & Acne

You want to use a full-coverage concealer for blemishes and acne. We recommend a concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone to brighten up the area. It’ll give it a more even appearance. Start by dotting the product on top of the blemish and blend it outwards until it’s seamlessly blended into your skin. Set with powder to help control any excess oil production throughout the day.
  • To Cover Up Scars & Pockmarks

If you have scars or pockmarks that you want to cover up, start by using a color corrector on top of the area first. Then, apply a full coverage concealer on top of the color corrector and blend it outwards until there’s no visible line of demarcation. Set with powder for long-lasting wearability.
  • To Disguise Puffiness & Undereye Bags

1.) Start by applying an illuminating primer all over your lids to brighten up the area and make it appear more awake.
2.) Use a small brush to apply concealer in a V-shape along the innermost corner of your eye and blend it outward.
3.) Set the concealer with translucent powder to help keep it in place throughout the day.

Master These Concealer Techniques With Professional Makeup Artists

If you want to take your concealer application skills to the next level, The Beauty Bar can help! Our team of professional makeup artists is waiting for you at our private makeup tutorials! They’ll teach you how to flawlessly apply concealer to hide your most stubborn blemishes and under-eye circles. Schedule a private makeup lesson today!
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