7 Eyeliner Tips
To Improve
Your Look

It’s tough to get a perfect eyeliner look. Most of us spend countless hours perfecting the liner technique and finding the right product. If you’re not using the right products or techniques, your eye makeup routine can be a drag. No one wants to spend hours in front of the mirror only to feel like they could have done better.

This blog post will discuss 7 eyeliner tips that will drive everyone’s attention. Read on to get a makeup artist’s results!

Step Up Your Eyeliner Game 

In the makeup world, one of the most important features to focus on is your eyes. And when it comes to drawing attention to your eyes, nothing beats a good eyeliner application. Here are 7 tips to help you create looks that will frame your eyes and make them stand out:
#1 Prep Your Eyelid
Always start by applying a primer or concealer to your lids. This tip will help ensure that your eyeliner lasts all day long.
#2 Find The Right Tool
The best tool you’ll ever get is the one you feel comfortable with. Professional makeup artists recommend using a brush-like fine tip eyeliner pen; it’ll be easier to control and smoother to apply.
#3 Choose The Right Tone
If you’re looking for a dramatic look, try using black or dark brown eyeliner. For a more subtle effect, go with a lighter color like white, peach, or light brown.
#4 Find The Right Wing For Your Eye
The secret is to get the right angle for your eye shape. The best technique to find the perfect angle for your eyes is to draw 4 dots to divide your upper lash line into 4 sections. This will help you see where your eyeliner will go, allowing you to adjust it before using your product. Once you’re comfortable with the dot’s arrangement, proceed to draw your eyeliner.
#5 Work Your Way Outward
When drawing lines on your lid, always start from the inner corner and work your way outwards. This trick will help define your eyes and make them look bigger.
#6 Take Advantage Of Your Eye Shadow
Once you’ve applied your liner, go over it with a matching eye shadow to keep it in place and last longer.
#7 Correct Any Mistake Later
Fix any imperfections by letting your eyeliner dry. Use a brow brush soaked in makeup remover, and remove the segment you’re unsatisfied with without effort. We recommend redrawing the section in a continuous motion to achieve an even application.

Pro Tip: Set Your Look With Mascara Application

Finally, don’t forget to apply mascara! A good mascara coat will finish the look and make your eyes stand out even more. 

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